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RSO Vocals
[RSO Vocal Gu]


RSO Vocals - The Studio Guide


RSO Vocals - The Studio Guide

For many, vocal recording and mixing encompasses the majority of studio work we do.
Yet, few are accomplishing that "radio friendly" sound we hear so often.

There is very good reason for this, vocal recording is reliant on some important tools and techniques.
In "RSO Vocals - The Studio Guide" we cover a very large amount of extremely important studio details necessary for good results.
Our focus is to simplify the production elements necessary for a professional sounding vocal mix.

This 6 Video set includes information on:

1. Good quality studio microphones, affordable and otherwise.
2. Microphone usage
3. Compression techniques specifically for vocals.
4. How to design reverbs for vocals.
5. How to use DeEssers correctly
6. How to make advanced effect chains for professional, radio friendly vocals.
7. How to make a vocal sound more "vital".
8. How to edit vocals to make the performance sound better.
9. Producers tricks to get that top 40 vocal sound.
10. Advanced background vocal tricks and techniques.
11. Layering vocals and mixing for tonal contrast.

Much Much more!

Over the years we have been asked many questions on how to get that great vocal sound, this 6 video set is the answer.

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